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Hatchey Snipe


Data sheet

Price 1 990 CZK

Hatchey top ski and snowboard goggles Snipe with magnetic full revo lens and additional brightening lens in the package. Changing the lens is a matter of seconds and the lenses can be used in any conditions. Three-layer foam, silicone strap and anatomical shaping guarantee perfect comfort.

  • European certificate EN 174:2001
  • double lens gey / full revo black red CLR AF
  • transmittance of lens S3 (14%) use: sunny
  • double lens gey / full revo green
  • transmittance of lens S2 (24%) use: cloudy
  • spare double lens in yellow CLR AF package
  • transmittance of lens S1 (54%) use: snowing, cloudy
  • antifog adjustment against fogging HT22
  • UV 400 CE
  • three-layer foam
  • band with silicone
  • OTG - usable with prescription glasses

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