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Star Ski Wax Next Block Race Wax polar 28g


Data sheet

Snow temperature
-10 °C — -20 °C
Type of wax
glide wax
Regular price 689 CZK
Price 551 CZK Save 20%

STAR SKI WAX is pleased to introduce a new range of Fluor-Free liquid paraffins for competition. The enormous success of liquid paraffins with Dry Fast Technology has been combined with the use of new, and already tested additives used in the NEXT Powder line. These products guarantee unexpected performance for a Fluor Free product.

Just shake the bottle, apply a film of liquid onto your skiis with the sponge applicator and wait 1 minute for drying. You can then simply brush with a fine nylon brush. For maximum performance and durability we recommend polishing with the new WOOL-ROTO FLEECE. NEXT Sponge Race Waxes are available in 100 ml bottles and are suitable for all disciplines