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Roto-Brush Horse Hair 70mm

Horse-Hair 5 mm. Finishing brush for high fluorocarbon waxes.

Introducing a new standard in ski rotobrushes. Our brushes have a base “AIR CORE”. This frame is empty inside and is very lightweight. Together with the new size, 70 mm, you can combine any choice of bristle on the 140mm handle to do two brushing jobs together, or to work easily on alpine or jumping skis. The particular shape of our new proposal makes it easy to recognize the STAR rotobrush and gives an extravalue to the product.The AIR CORE roto brushes are also available for the STANDARD 100mm length , for those who already have a 100mm handle. The Star Rotobrushes in 70 mm length are available alone or in a case that contains four base rotobrushes (Base Case) or the complete set of 6 rotobrushes (Pro Case) or (Alpine).

Price 817 CZK